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Great Britain: increase in sales of organic meat

by Kai Kreuzer

Great Britain: increase in sales of organic meat photo: NürnbergMesse

Strong sales of organic meat, particularly lamb and chicken, helped strengthen the organic sector, the Soil Association’s annual market report has revealed.

As the specialist magazine Meat Info reports, while the overall organic market in the UK was down by 3.7%, there were strong sales in red meat and poultry, with lamb up by 16% and poultry also enjoying a revival (plus 5.8%). There was a 2.5% lift for organic chicken, while sales of organic turkey increased by 56%, underlining the evidence that consumers increasingly choose organic for special occasions.

Despite a contraction in organically managed land in Scotland, there was strong demand for Scottish organic beef and lamb throughout the year, with beef prices reaching unprecedented levels and the Scottish Government’s new action plan boosting confidence in the sector. Although the area of organically farmed land fell in Wales, the number of organically raised lambs and beef cattle grew significantly by 26% and 44% respectively. Organic farming rose by 3.4% in England and 15% overall in Northern Ireland. There wasgood support through the Organic Entry Level Stewardship Scheme.


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