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Organic IQF Strawberries produced in Argentina

by greemtorganics

Organic IQF Strawberries produced in Argentina

In Argentina, a high percentage of strawberry production goes to frozen type. North of Santa Fe city, organic strawberries are produced and individually quick frozen.

From the global production of berries, 60% are strawberries. Although Argentina is not within the major producers (United States, Spain, Russia, Turkey and Poland), the country has approximately 1800 hectares planted with yields ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 Kg / Ha. In the region of Coronda, 9.3 thousand (15 km) North of Santa Fe city, Greemt Organics and Finca Las Brisas has its own organic strawberry production.
The farm produces fruits and vegetables, all premium quality and Carefully Collected and processed by hand. The company production is almost 80% to frozen type for export markets (retail and bulk), with the benefit of owning in the same property with static IQF tunnel itself, just yards away from where the cherry are picks, shortening the period since the harvest, stemmed and frozen.

IQF, "Individual Quick Freezing", allows ice crystals that form inside the tissue cells are very small.
This will prevent the cell walls that make up plant tissues are broken. Therefore, when defrosting the product shows no cellular fluid spill, which guarantees a texture, nutritional value and taste the same as a freshly harvested product. In slow freezing crystal is so large that breaks the cell walls, allowing leakage of internal fluids and hence a deterioration in texture, flavour and nutritional value. Additionally, the use of this process ensures that products do not require any chemicals or preservatives for preservation. Importantly, thanks to the dramatic changes in temperature significantly reduces the presence of microorganisms.



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